Giovy - Bass


Inspirations: Steve DiGiorgio, Mattia Bigi
I started playing the electric bass in 1989 and I learned to play by myself. I worked with various bands, projects and genres: Silver Blade (1989, Heavy Metal Band), Axioma (1994, Rock/Metal Band - E.P.: “10.000 Persone”), Dolmen (1997, Ethnic Band - L.P.: “Nascosti Dentro”), Katarsys (2000, Metal Band), Isola Song (2001, Ethnic Band - TV: “Help”), Millennium (2002, Pop Band), Newave (2005, Pop Band), Algoritmo (2007, Metal Band), Terrorway (2008, Modern Aggressive Metal Band - Compilation “Kill City Vol. 17” - E.P.: “Absolute”). Currently, I'm the Terrorway band bassist.

Fave bands: Nevermore, Pantera, Overkill, Extrema & more...

Current playlist: Nevermore: "the obsidian conspiracy" - Mnemic: "Sons of the system"

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