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There is no lack of brutality on BlackwatersWretched starts off the album with bone crunching riffs and heavy drums.  Though they seem fall in line with other metalcore bands, but they avoid the cleans and stick to the more brutal elements.  They do, however, add some other elements such as slow and melodic breakouts and some atmospheric elements to give the album a bit of depth.  In a Swamp is a good example that features whispering lyrics against a backdrop of bass and melody before it carries on with standard ‘core riffing and drumming.  This song also has a short solo in the latter half.   Overall, there is no compromise on Blackwaters.  TerrorWay is the latest of many metalcore bands of the generation, but what sets them apart is how they add a bit of diversity though instrumentation vs. just sticking to the most brutal stripped down elements of some ‘core music.  They do avoid the cleans which, in my humble opinion, is where some bands overuse it or misuse it and fail on an epic level.

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