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Blackwaters is the debut album from Sardinian death metallers Terrorway. Now signed to Italian label Bakerteam Records, Blackwaters is the follow up to 2010’s critically acclaimed 5 track EP Absolute, and is due for release September 30th.

Terrorway describe their sound as “modern aggressive metal” and that, while possibly losing a little in the translation, paints a fair picture of their sound. Track one, ‘Wretched’, opens in a jungle landscape, which soon gives way to an immense drum and guitar sound, with some tricksy mixing thrown in for good measure. This track really sets the scene for the rest of the album. Sidh Casarotti’s vocals are brutal throughout, never lacking intensity. The band’s stark sound is underlined by Cosma Secchi’s awesome drumming, the tracks ‘Chained’ and ‘Ruins’ both brilliant showcases for his many-pedalled “fast as f*ck” thrash style. Title track ‘Blackwaters’ has old school thrash riffs and roaring vocals giving way to a melodic guitar lead, and you can see why the band have picked it to be the title track of the album – it’s absolutely fantastic!  ‘In a Swamp’ has a fresher, more contemporary sound,  and parts of both this and ‘Keep Walking Silent’ are sounding Rammstein-esque in places, with low whispers and sinister vocal effects, which contrast the rest of the album absolutely beautifully.

Terrorway are clearly a band on their way up, their sound sure to appeal to old and new death metal fans. The backing of a label and subsequent release of Blackwaters, combined with their summer on the European festival scene will hopefully earn them a wider fan base and the recognition they deserve.


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