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Formed in 2009, Terrorway are an Extreme Modern Metal band that hails from Italy. Their sophomore release is entitled, The Second (Bakerteam Records) and Terrorway encompasses elements from the mighty Meshuggah, Between The Buried and Me and a bit of Strapping Young Lad. Their newcomer brand of Experimental Metal has been well received in the Euro Metal circles and with this second full length record, Terrorway are out to expand their fan base globally.

Math Metal groove is what immediately grabs you with this Terrorway release, coupled with Koloss-era Meshuggah styled riffing and Devin Townsend-like high powered vocals. The album gets a kickstart from the track, "Under The Light Of A Broken Down", with its slow and odd metered opening riff and curious plodding and that is backed up with "Eye Of The Sun" that is a bit more energetic and straight ahead, as is the third song, "Torment". The atmospheric element finds its way into the mix with "On The Edge" and adds a depth of airiness, complete with a haunting intro that gives way an angst filled, brooding beauty of a song. Overall, Terrorway have a very modern sound that sometimes leaves you looking for more. Their songs are good and I especially like their experimental vibe, but I kept finding some songs kind of unmemorable, but good. Some songs start out with a head of steam but lose something in transition. The Second, as a whole, is a pretty solid listen all the way through. The musicianship is solid and there are moments of greatness, so if you are into this type of Metal, give Terrorway a whirl.

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