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COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Italy; a land of rich artistic heritage which has brought us the likes of GRAVEWORM, LACUNA COIL, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, CADAVERIA, and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE can now add another band of sons to be reckoned with to its ever-growing list.

REVIEW SUBJECT: Absolute, the debut EP of TERRORWAY, a relatively new project born in February of 2009 that's making a grand entrance to the scene.

"Art of Discernment" starts off the album with an ethereal prelude that brings to mind thickly hung fog on a desolate shore - until the mist is swallowed in an unrelenting sonic assault, spat on by a violently screaming guitar threading in and around an equally aggressive set of vocals. A melodic, sweeping guitar solo clears the rubble only to usher in a second round of ear-pummeling. The song gradually decays into the softly pealing plucks of the guitar string and the receding, almost mournful cries of vocalist Anselmo.
"Her Last Breath" brings more pomp to the table, with purring guitars that promise something big is about to happen. Indeed, the track sounds like some sort of battle anthem, with drill sergeant-like vocal stabs and a soaring guitar solo that quickly spirals into a crescendo of fury, ending the song abruptly by pouring into the next. The track was featured on the compilation Kill City Vol. 17, via 272 Records.
"Survivalist Instinct" calls upon clean, melodic vocals to dilute the snarling, aggressive overtones that dominate the EP. The track's emotional spectrum is a manic one that will jerk you back and forth so hard you'll experience whiplash of the ear drums. It sounds like a series of small songs tied together, tales converging, that merge cleanly in the end.

HW FINAL THOUGHTS: Smooth production quality, distinctively sharp and audible instrumentals. A disc made with a true professional's touch. Our only wish is that the lyrics were more decipherable - the story gets lost in all the instrumental action.

HEAR THIS TRACK: "Survivalist Instinct"

HW RATING: Absolute receives 4.5/5


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